Book Report and Review “EDENSOR”

Book Review and Report

Title                 : Edensor

Author             : Andrea Hirata

Publisher         : Bentang Pustaka, 2011

Thickness        : 238 pages

ISBN               : 978-602-8811-44-6

The third novel of The Rainbow Troops tells about the adventure of Andrea Hirata or Ikal and his best friend Arai in Europe. Studying in Sorbonne University is a dream of Andrea Hirata and Arai since they were in high school. Then finally, their dream was reached, they got scholarship to study in Europe. In this novel, Andrea Hirata tells about history of his name. His parent should change his name many times because a little Andrea was very naughty, and finally his father found name Andrea Hirata as the final name of him. In addition, Andrea Hirata tells about is many past story in this novel. For instance, the childhood of Andrea Hirata, when he was a child, he found his best friend, Arai, and the next, Arai became “partner in crime” of Andrea Hirata. Both of them were very naughty, moreover Arai. His naughtiness of him related his experience when he was in Europe later, it became the punishment of the naughtiness, “God knows but He waits”. Besides that, Andrea and Arai also had the same characteristic; they have one real love in their love. Andrea loves A ling, and Arai still loves Zakiah Nurmala, even Zakiah Nurmally rejected his love directly and rudely. In Europe Arai still showed how the deepest love just for Zakiah Nurmala. What a painful love story they have.

They experienced many things in Europe. They learnt the differences habit and culture there; how European people could be excellent in class whereas they get drunk in the night, and he found many other paradoxes between Indonesian and European. Andrea and Arai also do backpacking to survive. They journeyed some countries until Africa. They faced many difficulties because they had to survive without any money in their pocket, but it is the real backpackers. In the middle of their adventure, after Arai and Andrea had many experiences together, Andrea must live in Europe alone because Arai was sent in Indonesia because of his sickness. It became the great punch for Andrea, but his life must go on. Andrea tried to keep struggling and studied harder because he wanted to go home. Someday, in a way Andrea looked for his lecture, he arrived in a village that he dreamed when he was child. A Ling, his first love, told him the beautiful village in Europe, and A ling gave a book about the village to Andrea Hirata when they were child. Name of the village is Edensor. Finally, he arrived in EDENSOR, without any plan of him.

This novel takes a place in Europe and a little in Africa. The struggle of the author when he lived in Europe was told in this novel interestingly. The differences culture between West country and East country, more especially between Indonesia and Europe, is explained more in this novel. Andrea describes the social life of European in general, for example, how European people are very free when they have in relationship. How European people was very active when they are in class, which is very different with Indonesian people. The ironic is about the fact that people from developing countries must studied very hard to understand or just get involved in  class activity, but European do that. Andrea compare that he must studied for time for one subject to understand, if he thinks about how a plan can fly, European think how the plan can fly until Mars or others planet. He conveys how far Indonesian people with European, whereas they never seem to do studying.

This novel is the reflection of Andrea Hirata dream when he was child and his experiences as backpacker in two continents. The author is successfully write this novel with simple language, therefore it is easy to understand and very entertaining. Even that, this novel also give some information with easy words, so that the reader can imagine how Edensor is very beautiful, and can get involved in the story when I we read the novel, as if we are in the story and we can see in front of our eyes. This novel is suitable for all people, especially for young people who have a dream or people who do not have any dream. Because, after we read this novel, the spirit of the story will motivate us to go to abroad and reach our dream. This novel opens our eyes that there are many things out there, which we must learn and see. This novel can make you cry, laugh, entertained, and motivated, it is a must to read it.

For me, Edensor is the best novel of tetra logy ‘The Rainbow Troops’. Because, in this novel is the top of the dream become true. The experience in Europe seems very interesting for me, even that the novel also tells the difficulties in surviving but it is challenging for me. In honest, this novel influences me in facing my life. In tetra logy ‘The Rainbow Troops’ is clearly describes about the life of the author with many harshness, but he could prove to everyone that the dream become true if we believe and have strong willing to reach it. Everything about the childhood of Andrea Hirata seems interesting in this novel. Besides that, I like very much the love story part, between Arai and Zakiah Nurmala, and Ikal and A Ling. In this novel, the author tells that Arai never give up to get ‘little’ attention of  Zakiah Nurmala, even Zakiah Nurmala never care to Arai, even Zakiah Nurmala strongly rejects Arai. But, Arai just smiles and never hate her. Arai loves Zakiah more and more. I think, there is no man in the world who has faithfulness like Arai. In addition, Ikal has scarified his life to look for A ling. He become backpackers around the world to look for where A ling is. A ling is his first love that will be never forgotten. The lack of this novel is, in a part when Arai and Ikal do some backpackers in Africa and many countries, he makes me to question how about their lecture and their study, sometime Andrea Hirata is incomplete in describing some events. Like there some parts lose. Then, when Arai is sent to Indonesia, it is so sudden and the author does not give the ‘sign’ in the story that Arai has a serious illness. Then, the excess is, the author could describe the characteristic strongly and very clear, so that the result is the characteristic in this novel looks unique. He creates details one event, so as if the reader can imagine easily.

written by Ayufi 🙂


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