Legend of Rawa Pening

Legend of Rawa Pening.

One day there was a young poor boy. His body looked so thin and dirty. He was starving to death. No one knew where he exactly came from. He wandered a hill to look for some food. But, he had not found any food. Until, he reached a small village beside the hill. Fortunately, there was a big party there. He came to the village for asking some food toward in habitant. Unfortunately, the society rejected him rudely, because of his appearance. He went away from the party then he continued to look for some food. Then, he met with an old woman. She was a widow. He asked some food to her. The old woman with her pleasure fed him. After finishing his food, he went from the old woman’s house. Before he went, he said to her that whenever flood came she hurriedly rode a mortar. Then he returned to the party. He came bravely, and he had changed became a better boy, clean and handsome.  No one was aware that the boy was a boy who they chased away before. He challenge the society to pull out a palm leaf rib which he planted on the ground. But, no one could do it. Finally, he pulled it out easily, then he threw away the leaf rib. The old woman did like what the boy said, she could be safe because  she rode the mortar. Suddenly, from the ground rose water, the water was getting bigger, and then it became flood that sank the village and seemed like a swamp. People call it Rawa Pening. 

written by Ayufi

Ambarawa, january 3rd 2013


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