Summary of The Kite Runner

Summary of the Kite Runner

The main characters in The Kite Runner are Amir, Hasan, Baba (Amir’s Father), Rahim Khan (Baba’s friend), and Ali (Hasan’s father). Hasan and Ali works in Amir and Baba’s house as the servant. Hasan and Ali had the same birthday, so they grow up together, and they always play together when they are childhood. Hasan always did what Amir said. Hasan always regarded Amir more than friend, but he always regarded Amir as brother. He always protects Amir from Asseef and the gang who always disturbed Amir and Hasan. Although, Asseef hated Amir because Amir made a friend with Hasan. Hasan was Hazara people ( Syi’ah Muslim) and Amir and Asseef were Pashtuni (Sunni Muslim). At the time, Hazara race was hated by Pashtuni because their belief was Syi’ah. And usually, Hazara people was underestimated by others, and regarded Hazara People as  a dog. So, that’s why Aseef hated Hasan very much. Aseef often disturbed and be troublemaker. Hasan was brave in facing them because he wanted to protect Amir. Even, Hasan always did anything for him, sometime Amir also acted very rude to Hasan. But, Hasan acted the same, he was unable to hurt Amir. If Amir pushed Hasan, and made him fell down. Hasan never took revenge for Amir, even he was not angry to Amir. He sacrificed anything for Amir.

The problem came when Amir felt envy with Hasan. Amir was green with envy with Hasan because his father, Baba gave much attention to Hasan. Baba liked a typical people like Hasan who was brave. It is different with his son, Amir, he was not as brave as Hasan. Moreover, Baba didn’t like Amir’s interest. Then someday Amir made a lie that said that Hasan has stolen money of Amir. Baba didn’t believe that, even if Hasan did that, he would forgive Hasan, but Ali (Hasan’s father) decided to go away from Baba’s house to save pride of Hasan. Ali and Hasan went from Kabul forever. Then Amir went to America.

Some years later, Amir came back to Kabul. Amir became a success man, he became a writer, and his father has died. A big secret revealed when Amir met Rahim Khan (Baba’s friend). The news made Amir shock enough but it was a chance to repair his fault in the past. Rahim Khan said that Hasan was Baba’s son. His last asking of Rahim Khan for Amir was, he should repair his fault to Hasan by looking for Hasan’s son. Because Hasan died and Hasan’s son, whose name Sohrab, was in orphanage. At the time, Russians invaded Afghanistan, therefore Afghanistan was in conflict and the condition was difficult to look for Hazara people. Because the invaders killed most of Hazara people.

Finally, he could find Sohrab. He tried to save Sohrab. Someday, he met Aseef again, and he wanted Sohrab to serve him as his slave. Aseef who had become part of the invaders, kidnapped Sohrab. Amir had promised to Rahim Khan to save Hasan’s son, so he tried to free Sohrab, but of course it was difficult because he had to against the invader. Amir fought with Aseef, then in short, Amir was saved by Sohrab. In the time, Amir lost, Sohrab saved Amir’s life by shooting Aseef with slingshot.


written by Ayufi

Semarang, January 3rd 2013

3:45 pm


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