Feel the Fress of the Nature : UMBUL SIDOMUKTI

Get dizzy with your work?

Wanna have extra fun holiday?

Wanna have extra beautiful view?

Wanna have extraordinary outbound?

Here , Umbul Sidomukti…!!!

Welcome To Umbul Sidomukti!!

Come and feel the nat


  1. Location

Umbul Sidomukti is located in Jimbaran Bandungan, Semarang District, Centre Java, Indonesia.

It is about 15 minutes from the capital city,Ungaran by motorcycle.

  1. Description

Umbul Sidomukti is one of nature tourisms in Semarang District. Like nature tourism, it provides beautiful view as long as we can see. The weather is very cold because it is on highland, in height 1200 mdpl. But, you can see the beautiful view of Semarang District from the top of a hill.

  1. Features

There are many features object that you can get if you visit this place. First, you will be provided by the beautifulness of the nature. It will refresh our mind, and the smell of the nature will lead you to see more. Second, there is some outbound stuff for you who like challenge, it is the best choice. You must try! Some of them are:

  1. Flying Fox (It is the highest flying fox in Indonesia)
  2. ATV (The track will make you scream )
  3. Rapling (Climbing the ravine)
  4. Marine Bridge (it is located between to ravine, and it is in ravine)
  5. Swimming pool (The water is directly from mountain, so fresh. The pool is arranged from many stones, so unique)
  6. Camping Ground (You  an make a tend and have a camping in the wide land which is like terrace land, then the view is in front of your eyes)


So, what are you waiting for? Just come and feel the Nature and get the challenge!!


written by Ayufi for Indonesian Studies



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