The Strength of Comics as A Medium of Children Education

As language teacher, we must be wise in choosing media for delivering material to student. The duty of teacher is to make student understand the material as easy as possible. Therefore, a teacher must have a right media in education. According to Gerach and Elly (1980 : 254), to choose the right media, the teacher must understand the characteristic of the students which directly relate to the learning process, such as verbal abilities, visual and audio perception skills, experience, intelligence, motivation, personality and social skills. In addition, Gerlach and Elly (1980 : 297) also states that there are six general categories of the media; they are picture, audio recording, motion picture, television, real things, and program and computer-assisted instruction. In short, there are many media that can be used by the teacher.

Children usually prefer seeing pictures to list of words. Therefore, teaching media for children education must be good using media that contains more pictures than words, because visual thing is easier to memorize for children.

Comic can be one of visual media for chidren education. Comic is thing that very close with children. According to Nana Sudjana (2002 : 64), comic is a kind of cartoon form that existing character to give the readers fun thing;  it contains several continued stories which brief and interesting then complicated with action. Whereas  M. Nashir (2002: 22) declares that comic is pictorial story in magazines, newspaper, or books that usually easy to understand and funny. Thus using comic as teaching media can be the right choice for children education.

There are some advantages when using comic as a media, first, the increasement of student motivation in learning, thus the learning process is more effective. As Sones ( says that pictures tell any story more effectively than words. He also thinks that the potency of picture is not the matter of modern theory but actually it establishes truth; moreover before man thought in words, he felt  in pictures.

Thus comic can make the children easier to understan the material. Then student sill feel that they play like usual when they learn by reading comic. And then, the contain of comic that is fun will make the children feel fun in learning and make them unborring.

Teachers can explain any subject that the need through comic. Such versaci declares that teachers can introduce popular culture to the children easily and effectively through comics. It is righ because comic provide culture, therefore the student can imagine that,

In short, as a teacher using comic as a teaching media for children is wise choice. Because comic contains picture which make the children have more motivation to study. They will enjoy in learning because comic is the children’s world. It will give impact for student understanding; when children have felt fun with studying, the material will seem easy, and then the children will know the material faster than using conventional media.

written by Ayufi

Semarang, Indonesia, 22 jan 2013


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