The Royal Family of United Kingdom in Brief

The Royal Family


The Royal Family is the group of relatives of Monarch of United Kingdom who run the Government. As sovereign he or she has a right to apply his role to the Commonwealth countries. So, the Royal Family is such official name of family members of Monarch. Members of the Royal Family is taken from either marriage or birth since 1947 when George V changed the name of the Royal House from Saxe Coburgh and Gotha become Windsor.  The decision was taken because Britain and British Empire were at war with Germany and given the British Royal Family Strong’s German ancestry.

The Royal Family is very famous family in the world. The life of royal family members becomes so interesting for people. They become international superstars. It is proved by the fact that more than one billion people watched the Duke and Duchess of York’ wedding in 1986, when a magazine with British “Royal” as the cover, the magazine was sold about 10% to 20% more copies. Moreover, Princess Diana, the wife of Prince Charles (the Queen’s oldest son) was very famous. She was young, beautiful, and kind. She was loved by many people in the world, when she died; a lot of people was sad and thousand lines followed her funeral ceremony.

There are some reasons why the Royal Family become the most famous family in the world and more well-known than other royals from other countries. First, the British history factor, Royal attracts tourist a lot. The history and Royal activities and tradition is interesting, such as “Trooping the Color”, the official name of Queen’s Birthday parade. For million people in the world, these tradition relates Britain’s past with the modern world, the Queen and her family are symbols of British history. Second, the Royal family is famed in the world like “film star”. Third, the “World Leader” Factor, the Queen Elizabeth is the Queen of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland; moreover, Queen Elizabeth is the head of Commonwealth countries which consists of forty eight countries. Forth, the “Soap Opera” factor, the royal family is famous family in the world, it is not surprising that everyone is interested in royal family’s life. That is why soap operas like the ‘Dallas’ and ‘Dynasty’ are so popular. Therefore, it is another reason for the British royal family’s popularity. Fifth, The “British Ambassador” Factor, Britain’s top ten ‘royals’ spend one month per year on official foreign tours. Some of them, such as Prince Philip spend more time for official foreign tours, it is often more than two months. The Queen often do visiting, most of visiting is for charities. Moreover, a royal visit is memorable occasion which give appreciation and achievement for organization or community. Visit to meet people throughout Commonwealth overseas and United Kingdom country is very important for the Royal family. The aim of international visit is to strengthen friendship and economies between UK and others. In addition, all visits are planed carefully to ensure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to meet the queen. Sixth, The “Hard Work” Factor, the Windsors, beside they are rich aristocrats, they also work hard. Therefore people respect them. For example is Prince Anne. She has over engagements every year on average. Then The Queen and Prince Philip Have over 500 each. Those are the six factors that behind the popularity of the Royal Family.

The Queen

The Queen, Queen Elizabeth II, was born on April 21, 1926 at 17 Bruton Street, London. She was the first child of the Royal marriage and the heir of the current throne at the time; her father is George VI, The Duke of York, and her mother is Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, The Duchess of York. The Queen Full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. She was named after her mother, while the two middle name is from her paternal great-grandmother, Queen Alexandra, and paternal grandmother, Queen Mary. The Queen married to Prince Philip on November 20th 1947 at Westminster Abbey. The Queen has four children; they are Prince Charles, Princes Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward.

The Queen has function as United Kingdom’s Head of State. She is Queen of 16 British Colonies, including Australia, Canada, and New Zealand; and Head of State of Commonwealth. The Queen’s role are, first, she is the Head of The State; she is the Head of Armed Forced; she is the Head of Church of England; She also has government duties; she is as represent the Nation; she held some royal parties; and the last she does some visits, such as charities.

In British Studies book which is written by Hartoyo, M.A.Ph.D says that there are some opinions are offered by political and legal expert about the Queen’s power. It is said that there is differences between what is appearance and the reality. In the written law, it is stated that the Queen almost has absolute power and seems undemocratic in making the constitution. It seems, the Queen can choose anybody she likes to run the government for her. Moreover she appears to have great power over parliament, it is just like nothing that parliament has decided can become law until she has agreed to it. Those are the Monarchy in its appearance. The fact is, the Queen has almost no power at all. The Queen cannot choose anyone she like to be Prime Minister. When she wants to choose someone, the one must has support of the majority of MPs in the House of Commons. It is because the law says that the Queen’s government can only collect taxes with the agreement of the Commons; it means that if she does not choose such a person who also chosen by the House of Commons; the government would stop functioning.

The Role of The Monarch

Government system of UK is constitutional Monarchy which the Monarchy is the head of state and the Prime Minister of The United Kingdom is the head of Government. Her majesty’s Government runs executive power. The United Kingdom is a unitary democracy governed.  Therefore the Queen acts as the head of the State.

The ability to make and pass legislation resides with an elected Parliament, not with the Monarch. As a system of government, constitutional monarchy separates the Head of State’s ceremonial and official duties from party politics. The constitutional monarchy also provides stability, continuity and a national focus, as the Head of State remains the same even as governments change. The Monarch governs according to the constitution which is according to rules. They do not govern according to her or his own free will. The United Kingdom does not have a written constitution which arranges the duties and the rights of the Sovereign, they established by conventions. They can be just as binding as formal constitutional rules. In addition the Sovereign must remain politically neutral. The sovereign also acts on the advice of ministers on almost all matters. However, the Sovereign maintain an important political role as Head of State, formally appointing prime ministers, approving certain legislation and give honors. The Queen or the sovereign has other official roles to play such as Head of the Armed Forces. 

The Value of The Monarch

The Monarch is often said as the expensive institution. Many of events of the Royal Family that seems glamour. In addition people see the glamorous lives of “the royals” which is sometime it provides a source of entertainment that often takes on the characteristic of a television soap opera.

Big question comes to many people. How does the Royal Family pay for their glamorous activity? Where is the source?

There are three source of funding for the Queen or officials of the Royal Household. There are the Sovereign Grant, the Privy Purse and The Queen’s personal wealth. The Sovereign Grants provided by HM treasury and combines the funding previously provided through the Civil List and the Property Services. Then, Privy pursue is a historical term used to describe income from the Duchy of Lancaster; it is used to meet both official and private expenditure by the Queen. Whereas the Duchy of Lancaster is a portfolio of land, property and assets is trusted for the Sovereign in her role as Sovereign. The main aim is to provide an independent source of income and mainly used to pay for official expenditure. The last source of Royal funding id the Queen’s personal income. It is derived from her personal investment portfolio and private estates, is used to satisfy her private expenses. The Balmoral and Sandringham Estates are owned by The Queen, which were inherited from her father. Estimates of the Queen’s wealth often mistakenly include items which are held by her as Sovereign on behalf the nation and are not her private property. They are included the official Royal residences, the majority of art treasure from the Royal Collection and the Crown Jewels. The Queen cannot sell these; they must pass to her successor as Sovereign.

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