Events Comparison between Novel and Film THE NAMESAKE



In Novel

In Film


Motherhood arises

It is told that Ashima is really suffering lives alone, and she must take care of the baby by her. Then finally, one day she takes googols and they walk to streets of Cambridge, to purity supreme. All Americans suddenly smile and congratulating her. At the time, the motherhood of Ashime arises.


There is no description about that event. In the film is just described when Ashima delivers her baby without her husband. And after she delivers the baby, she told to Ashoke ‘she can’t do that’, in the hospital, without showing how suffer Ashima is. And the moment when the motherhood of Ashima arises is missed. 


Traditional Ceremony

When Gogol was child, around six months, he did a traditional ceremony. The ceremony is used for knowing the future fate of the baby.

Gogol does not do the ceremony, but Sonia does it.


First Flight

The news that father’s death make them, Ashoke and Ashima, bring the baby Gogol has his first flight. So, here, the father’s death is not too long after Gogol’s birth. (Gogol is still ‘balita’) (without Sonia)

The news comes after Sonia’s birth. So, it is not only Ashoka, Ashima, and Gogol who want to go to Calcuta, but also there is Sonia.


Gogol’s decision

There is no explanation or description in the novel which says that Gogol choose architecture after Gogol sees the beautiful architect of Taj Mahal. They go to taj mahal just for vacation and, Gogol feels so happy. But, it is not the reason why Gogol wants to be architect.

It is described as if Gogol decides to learn about architecture more after he sees how wonderful the architect of taj mahal. So, at the time, he says to his father that he wants to take architecture in college.


Gogol’s life (play boy)

Gogol’s life is full of woman. Women that ever come to gogol’s life are Ruth, Maxine, Birdget, and then Moshoumi.

The path of Gogol’s life who always relates to women, is missing in the film. The film doesn’t show when Gogol’s relationship with Ruth and Bridget.




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