Have you ever read ‘BLACK BOY?” this is the enduring of Richard’s story (ayufi’s version) :D


It was a brand new day of mine. I never thought that finally I arrived in North.  I notion I would live different here. The condition of North that admitted Niger as human not as slave made me thought that I would fine the shiny life that I had never felt that. However, I left the South to not forget South. South meant everything for me. I found myself in South. South was shaped me who I was should be. All of the rejections, hunger, suffering, unfairness there made me learnt what life was. I knew what the burden on me had to be done. I would not find what the bloody men, Ku Klux Klan here. Moreover, I was blissful around my family. However, their bad treatment on me last time, I could not hate them. They were my family. I did not know why I could feel such kind of thing.

My name was Anna Sullivan. I was 17years old. I was glad being Negro. I knew that being Negro for others, especially for white people was bloody people and we had to be a slave of them. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it. I meant that I thanked to God for creating as a Negro’s girl. Even too much rigors upon me that came from my neighbors, my friend in school. However, I believed that God had created me with a reason. I did not know where I got that belief. I came into my soul. Maybe it was God-forsake. I had just moved from South. I liked to be here.

I did not know where I could get some book to read. I thought that I had to find out “the addicted” soon. My aunty brought me here to make our life better. My mother asked me to continue my study here. But, I believed that it would not be good for me. I wanted to look for a job. I wanted to have my own money. So, I told her about my eager for working, and she agreed me.  

            I was almost a week I lived in the North. I had not done nothing. I had not looked for job in North. Even I knew that the opportunity of having a job was good here. My brother offered me to work in same place with him but I couldn’t accept it. I wanted to look for job with my own effort.

            Someday, in the afternoon, I walked around the city for looking for a job. I leaned to a wall of the industry of meat. My brother told me that the business maybe could recruited me to join the factory. I had not entered the building than I met someone that made me stop and could not release in seeing it. I saw a public library in front of me. I walked to get there.

            Finally I found library there. I was too happy. I did not know why I felt so great happy. Then, I my feet was going fast, unconsciously I ran. My face was like the sin shine in the morning. So happy face. I passed through many people in the street. But suddenly my body flung away. I was crashed with someone. I screamed by saying the name of God, not too loud, almost just like whisper. My bottom touched the street hardly, it was sick enough.  And my head was rather dizzy crashing with other’s head, I thought.  After I was alright enough, I saw someone in front of me gave his hand to me. A black boy who had crashed with me. He smiled to me. He said, “Are you ok?”. But, I did not give him my attention. I did not know why I became so numb. I just looked at him, stared his eyes, and he stared my eyes. I did not know who the black boy was, but, I felt there was something that made me felt different. Even he was a stranger. He repeated his word, then I just nodded.

            He had the same purpose. He also was on the way to the library. He said that his name was Richard. It was a good name, I thought. Then, I said my name too. He smiled to me. I believed that he was a good man. He was very nice. He told about his life in the North. He was like me actually, he had the same when I told him that I had just arrived in the North. And, I liked the way he told about his like in reading. He liked reading, it was like me. We had many same characteristic. It was awesome, I found a black boy who liked reading. I thought he would me my good friend here. I liked him. 


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