Please, Take an Action !! Yeaayy

My name is Ayu Fitriyani. This morning, I suddenly remember about my imagination when I was I a kid. When I was a kid, I liked to read a comic magazine whose name WITCH. It talked about some witch who always helped people in need. Then, I dreamt that I wanted to be like them. I wanted to fly by a broom, and had a magic wound. Then, I did it; I took my broom, I rode on it, then I took a small long tiny branch from my garden, then I made it as my wound. Simply, I made it, I was a witch at the time. Then I climbed up a tree, not knowing that I might fell, but I simply made it again. I just had an idea and made it happened, because I believe; I was then, creative with strong belief.
Then as I grown up, things seems to be a little different. Someday, I have ever failed in my exam, and I though that “ I can never make it”. Then, I ever wanted to start a business, but, I though that I think “may be it is not that easy”. So, I erase the idea to have a bussiness, I thoght that I haven’t allready yet. Someday, I have a dream in some organization that I join, but, some people said that “do not take risk”.Then I thought that I should not ever had the idea.
Sometime, when we become an adult, we think that we will not always get what we really want. When we have a dream or some ideas which I really long to be achieved; we always think twice or many, and consider my imagination whether it is possible or not, whether it is really good idea or not, whether it can be done or not. Then, finally It is an ide that keep flying in our mind and our imagination.Someday, we have a briliant ide to create more jobs for poorer nation which can provide better living for more people, can make our nations proud , can help growth of our nations, and create better world. Those idea are BRILIANT, right? But, we say that “ I am not SURE”. We are still creative as a child, but with more doubt. Then years later, we heard in news paper or television, that someone has the same idea as ours . Then we feel, that “THAT is my idea too.” But, What make him different from us?
HIS ACTION. He puts his IDEA into Reality. His ACTION won him this recognition. Then we started to think, How I whised I had taken action that years ago….Think when we were a kid, if the idea came by when we were still a kid, We might be not afraid to take an action.
When back then, we strongly BELIEVE, It is never too late.. We just need to have an IDEA and make it happen. We still can.. if We believe we can do it. And take an action for everything we dream of. Creativity starts from a Belief.
Pablo Picasso, a great painter, scultptor, printmaker, ceramicist, and stage designer from spain who spent his life in France, He ever said that “ Action is the foundational to all success.” I absolutely agree with him. We must have DREAM, but dreaming without action only can make us live in wishful life.
Just make your dream become true, with Taking an action! Put your dream in reality.



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