This is my clarification because I am moslem.

Hello Universe,

Let me to introduce my self. I am Indonesian, and I am moslem. Honestly, I am really surprise with the hot issue today in the world. We are stunned by the attack of “certain people” who bring the name of religion. And, it goes without saying, the religion that they claim is Islam.

I am a moslem, and for your information, Islam never teaches me to attack others without accepted reason. Islam is not related with terrorism. This issue will crumble the image of moslem in the world. Whereas, we cannot generalize all moslem do such things.

So, for non-moslem people, please don’t hate moslem because of this issue. We are not terrorist. Terrorism is done by certain people to make people in the world afraid with us.

For moslem people, please be patient and please never lost your proudness toward your religion due to this kind of issue, because we know that we are not like they talk.Then, for all people in the world, we should cooperate to combat terrorism..

Indonesia, Jan 14th 2015


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